Site Flyt offers photograph and video production services specializing in aerial imaging. We use the latest in drone technology to bring a whole new perspective to your site or project. 


  • the location of an actual or planned structure(s) such as a building, town, or monument

  • the place, scene, or point of an occurrence or event


  • the course taken by an aircraft

Our Work

Content captured from the air will differentiate you and/or your business from those who only shoot from the ground. Your audience will be more engaged by the new point of view, not just of your site or event, but the surrounding area as well.


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"The footage is awesome! Thank you so much. I’ll check to see what other events we can cover. The drone coverage really elevates the perspective."

Recreation Supervisor

City of San Clemente

Our Team

Tomas B. 

A SoCal native, Tomas gained his FFA Remote Pilot License in 2017 and has over 18 years experience in Information Technology as a Project Manager.  He enjoys the photo and cinematography aspects of drones and the capability they provide to capture a different perspective of the world.  Tomas lives in Mission Viejo with his wife and pets. When not taking photos you'll find him out on the trails riding his mountain bike.

Jeff H. 

Jeff gained his FAA Remote Pilot License in 2015 and has over 10 years experience in the Engineering and Construction industry. He has a passion to use drone data to simplify and modernize construction work processes. Jeff was featured in BuiltWorld's 2017 Top Technology Adopters and recently earned his Masters in Industrial Engineering from Clemson University. Jeff Lives in San Clemente with his wife and three sons. When not flying, he enjoys surfing, golf, spending time with his family and playing guitar. 

Thank you for considering us, we look forward to flying for you!

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